Lyra Law rings the doorbell not anticipating that Scarlett Sage's mother will answer the door. When Scarlett comes down the stairs to greet her friend, her mother seems to be giving Scarlett the 3rd degree. If the girls are spending the night watching movies, what are they all dolled up for? The girls tell her that they're just wearing tank tops and shorts and it's really not a big deal. But Scarlett's mother is suspicious of Lyra. She knows a trouble-maker when she sees one. And she was 18 once too and knows a little about sneaking boys into the house after her parents are asleep. Lyra tries to flatter and sweet talk her way out of the pep talk but Scarlett's mom is gonna keep an eye on her. When the girls go upstairs to Scarlett's room, they start kissing and laugh about how they're not even into boys and that Scarlett is completely clueless that they're both lesbians. The girls start making out as they confess that they've missed each other despite seeing each other just the day before. Lyra dominates Scarlett as she takes off her shirt and sucks on her tits. Commenting on how good they taste, she sucks on them while she removes Scarlett's shorts and starts eating her pussy. Scarlett makes sure to cover her mouth as she cums. If the girls want to make sure Scarlett's mother doesn't find out, they're going to have to keep their pleasure to themselves!

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