The shoot for me was a very new experience and I was really afraid of who I was going to meet when I was getting on the plane. I didnt know if the person was going to be creepy or take advantage of me. But it turned out to be very nice and the lady assistant was very friendly and helpful. I had a nice bedroom to sleep in and we ate at many different places. The modeling was fun and I liked that red dress they gave me with the heels. I dont have any heels or fashion stuff and the only things I had that matched what they were looking for on the website was the stuff I wore first like the crop top and skirt. The videos I made I havent watched yet but its crazy that I masturbated outside on a bench and did all those things with cucumbers. I didnt know I could take big things like that or that deep in myself. I havent had an penis that long to know how far in it really can go. The photog said I am 8 inches deep so I guess I can take 8 inch penises. I havent been with that many guys only three in fact so I never had anyone bigger than my ex who as something like 7 I think.

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Desk Babes