Hi!! My name is Kinsley Kane! I'm 19 years old, I love to travel to places I've never been to and meet new people. In high school, I played volleyball and ran track, I was the "trouble-maker" of my friend group. I'd always come up with the most silly ideas. In my younger years, I liked to pretend that I was a gymnast LOL. I'm pretty flexible, I taught myself most of the flexible moves I know how to do. I'm really into music, I find myself being the most peaceful when I am tuning out the world with some of my jams. I also love to cruise in the mountains for hours and get away from society. My daily vehicle is a 2012 Scion tC 6 speed manual. I like learning stuff about cars and going fast/being reckless. My first ever manual vehicle was a 2004 Honda Accord 5 speed V6, I miss that car so much!

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