I decided to call myself Hazel because I have the big Hazel eyes. Its one of my best features in my opinion and my long Auburn hair. I love my breasts of course but theyve gotten a little smaller because I've lost some weight recently. I turned 19 in April, and for my birthday I wanted to leave my small town and travel and do new things. One of them is doing adult films and I tried it with this website because everyone has been saying its a good way to start and its professional. The pictures make me look so pretty! Normally I'm wearing baggy pants and dark more emo stuff and I used to be more of a goth type chick and I hid my big breasts. Most people wouldn't even know what I've got underneath my sweaters. I've changed a lot since then and I'm trying to be more sexy because it brings me confidence. Even when it comes to sex and masturbating and I really didn't understand it much until after 18. I didn't even have a real orgasm until a few months ago. So here I am, and I want to try it all even anal stuff. I think the thought of a whole bunch of guys watching me on the web gets me off too.

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