My name is Jamie Jett, and I'm a very recent college grad with a love of political science and underground punk rock. I just finished my degree a little early, and I'm currently studying for law school entrance exams in a few years. I've been a congressional intern, and I spent time working in D.C. during college, because I've always had an intellectual ethos. My greatest vice is rock and roll: I've spent a thousand weekends at local indie rock shows and hardcore goth raves. I never imagined doing professional model, but I used to be the girl who leaps onstage to flash the metal band guitarist, so I've always had an exhibitionistic side. I also love a good adrenaline rush, so skateboarding and rock climbing are also on my passion list. I also play chess, I love utopian literature, and my ideal date is definitely making out in a national park. You can find me on Twitter at @JamieJettXXX!

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