Britney Light and Jade Baker are having a slumber party at Jade's place. When the rest of the girls cancel, it looks like it'll just be the two of them. Britney's a little bummed out that their friends aren't coming over, but Jade assures her that'll have a blast anyway. Jade tells Britney to grab her phone and start filming her as she dances around the room in her pajamas. When Britney tells her she thinks she got a perfect take, the girls check the footage and see that it's totally gonna make their friends jealous. When Britney says they should post the footage online, Jade stops her and tells her it's her turn to dance around. Britney feels like her outfit isn't as cute as hers, but Jade volunteers to take it off so she can wear it. When she takes off the pajamas Britney can't help but compliment Jade's body. Once Britney's dressed, Jade picks up the phone and starts filming her. When she posts the video online, the girls are flooded with likes and compliments. The only problem is that for some reason, everyone now thinks that they're lesbians! Britney doesn't want people thinking that, but Jade says that they could probably go viral if they follow her lead. When Britney asks her what she means, Jade picks up the phone and starts kissing Britney. When she puts the phone down, Britney finds herself liking it more than she anticipated and is glad no one else showed up to potentially ruin all the fun the girls are going to have with each other!

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